Adiyaman Hotels Accommodation

The Adiyaman region has a rich historical background having been home to a wide variety of cultures including Hittites, Persians, Romans, Selcuk, Ottoman empire and Modern Turkey. In the main town there is an ancient fortress with in the town as a reminder of the history that can be found. Stunning mosques can be found in the town each with a unique style of decoration with many are still active places of worship.

Located between Mt Nemrut and Gaziantep it makes for an ideal place to stay for those who wish to explore both of the magnificent places. Why not take a Turkey Tour with Turkey travel service? Visit many destinations that a breathtaking and unforgettable.

White Star Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

White Star Hotel

White Star Hotel a stunning modern hotel in the city of Adiyaman with easy access to destinations such as Sanliurfa and Mount Nemrut.

Location : Adiyaman