Turkey's Major Cities Towns and Provinces

Major cities and towns in Turkey

Turkey is a country of great diversity, in terms of both culture and economics. Big cities usually enjoy a more modern, western-style culture and a wide array of economical options, while this is not always true for smaller eastern and southeastern towns.

Ankara — the capital of Turkey and its second largest city.
Antalya — the fastest growing city, hub to an array of beach resorts.
Bodrum — a trendy coastal town in Southern Aegean which turns into a crowded city in season when it serves as a playground for Turkish and international holidaymakers alike, featuring a citadel, Roman ruins, trendy clubs and a number of villages surrounding the peninsula each with a different character from classy to rustic
Edirne — the second capital of the Ottoman Empire.
Istanbul — Turkey's largest city, the former capital of both the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, and the only city in the world to straddle two continents.
Izmir — Turkey's third largest city.
Konya — a quite large city that is the heartland of mystic Sufi order, the site of Rumi's tomb, and with some elegant Seljuq architecture, all surrounded by vast steppes
Trabzon — the wonderful Sumela Monastery is just outside the city and it is a great gateway to exploring the Turkish Northeast.
Urfa — magical city with beautiful architecture and extremely friendly locals at the gates of Eastern World; where Kurdish, Arabic, and Persian cultures mingle.

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