About Kekova > Antalya, Gokkaya Bay

Located in Kekova between the coastal towns of Demre and Kas, a Specially Protected Area since 1990, Gokkaya Bay is stunning location of undisturbed natural beauty. The bay is surrounded by rugged hills coated with thick green shrubs and trees, while the flat sea is a dazzling aquamarine blue. Within the bay you can visit the traditional fishing town of Ucagiz and eat at one of their superb fish restaurants. Gokkaya is also host to two sets of Lycian ruins; the Simena Castle in Kalekoy (Castle Village) which sits on top of a small hill on the waters edge, with ancient burial tombs scattered across one slope and a modern village and marina on the opposite bank, where local women sell handmade crafts. The slightly more famous ruin in Gokkaya Bay is the Sunken City of Kekova which lies beneath the crystal clear water, you can see this enthralling site from aboard a sailing boat or rents a kayak or dinghy to paddle over the ancient walls. 

The best way to explore this dazzling bay and its unique attractions is defiantly by boat. Full day tours leave from Kas on a regular basis but if you want to explore some more of the region you may want to take a look at some Blue Cruise Itineraries. For years the Kekova region had drawn sailors from all over for its outstanding beauty, soft seas and refreshing swimming spots, the area will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your vacation in Turkey.

Gokkaya Bay is also a great place to try out watersports: swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, tubing and banana boating are just a few options. In the evening you can visit the party shack at Smugglers Inn, for a fun night on the beach or relax on the deck of your traditional Turkish Gulet boat under the starry night sky.