Gaziantep is a modern city with the feeling of ancient air to it. The city is one of the oldest to have remained populated throughout the eras. Between wars and conquering the city has prospered, occasionally having a negative impact happen to them but the population always managed to grow after the experience.

The regions settlements pre-date the Hittite kingdoms. Gaziantep was the fought over by man different cultures, including Byzantium, Persian, Arab, Romans, and the armies of Alexander the Great. These different cultures left a lot behind as they moved from here or their civilisations faded. For many years Seljuk Turks controlled and ruled the region until the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire maintained order and defended the land. Eventually, the Ottoman Empire came to an end to create the Turkish Republic that makes Turkey world renowned.

The city has prospered and grown to be a trade hub for many different types of items, however, the city is famous for its foods predominantly its sweets and snacks. With many bakeries and shops, it is a popular place for commerce to take place, including business deals and new ideas, which attracts people from all over the world.

The history has not been forgotten in replacement of modern work, throughout the city including the surrounding area, there are many museums and protected ruins that show their pride in what came before. This includes museums that show the accomplishments of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey, Zeugma Mosaic Museum which displays and protects the ancient art and Kendirli cultural centre which shows the best that the region has to offer as well as their uniqueness even in Turkey.