3 Day Istanbul to Kars and Mt Ararat

  • Istanbul To Kars & Mount Ararat 3 day tour
  • Istanbul To Kars & Mount Ararat 3 day tour
  • Istanbul To Kars & Mount Ararat 3 day tour
  • Istanbul To Kars & Mount Ararat 3 day tour

Istanbul To Kars & Mount Ararat 3 day tour

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Travel from the modern city of Istanbul to the historic Kars. Set in a culture rich landscape with beautiful views will leave you speechless while exploring ancient cities, converted churches and unusual natural destinations.

During your time in the Kars region, you will explore the ancient city of Ani Ruins with the remains for a busy metropolis. Heading back to Kars you will visit the cities Kars Citadel and an Armenian church. The next day you will visit Ishak Pasha Palace, the place that Noah’s Ark is said to have come to rest as well as an unusual Meteor impact site.


Today you will take a domestic flight from Istanbul to Kars.

On arrival, you will begin your tour with a peaceful visit to Cildir Lake. This stunning destination is home to the Sazan which is a type of yellow carp. After you have enjoyed a beautiful lunch you can enjoy the superb natural landscape by walking around the lakeside, during the winter months the whole region is covered in a layer of snow which created a superb picturesque vista. The view of the frozen lake nestled in the peaceful and muffled snow-covered lands, walking tours will allow you to safely explore this region during winter.

After this, you will head to Kars city where you will check into a hotel and stay overnight in Kars.


Today you will journey to the ancient city of Ani. This ancient
Armenian city residing in east Turkey, here you will be able to enjoy
time exploring the ruins and photographing the history that surrounds
you. During the height of its prosperity, it was part of several trade
routes, however, after Mongol raids and natural disaster cost the city
it's standing. Inside the city, many building still remains, including
churches, mosques, homes and ever some of the fortified walls remain.

In the afternoon you will return to Kars where you will visit the Kars Citadel. This magnificent building was built around 1153 to be destroyed by a Mongol invading force. In 1579 the Kars Citadel was rebuilt and today still stands on the side of a hill overlooking the city. Following this, you will visit the Armenian Church
of Apostles a fantastic display of 10th-century religious architecture,
later to be converted into a mosque. It was eventually taken and the
conversion was undone to make it a Russian church however in 1998 it was
once again converted into a mosque.

After your day of exploring you will return to your hotel before you begin a different day.


Today you will travel to Ishak Pasha Palace on the edge of a hill at the edge of the city with a commanding view over the city. Built in the 1600’s it’s a unique blend of Ottoman, Persian and Armenia architecture styles. Inside the palace, you can find dungeons, mausoleum, private mosque and a heating system.

After the palace you will head out of the area to a quiet section of land where Noah’s Ark is said to have run aground at the end of the journey, this site has become a pilgrimage site for religious followers. A visitor centre with information and theories as well as examples of where the Ark is mentioned in both the Quran and the Bible. Heading towards the Iranian border you will come to a mysterious hole, this was believed to be caused by a meteor that impacted the earth but did not create the traditional crater. During this time you will be able to view Turkey’s famous Mount Ararat, a landmark of the region with nearly permanent snow cap makes for an amazing comparison around.

Following your day, you will be transferred back to the return to Istanbul. If you have any further queries about travel in Turkey please do not hesitate to contact us.

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