Istanbul to Mt Nemrut 3 Day Tour

  • Istanbul To Nemrut And Gobekli Tepe Tour 3 Day tour

Istanbul To Nemrut And Gobekli Tepe Tour 3 Day tour (Option 3 A)

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Istanbul to Mount Nemrut tour offer a look into ancient and deep history or the region. Departing from Istanbul this tour offers a look at ancient ruins that only give us a glimpse of the past and well as the well-preserved building that date back thousands of years. Sanliurfa is a living city with religiously historical significance to both Christians and Muslims. The city of Harran is a f modern city with ancient homes protected throughout. Gobekli Tepe is a wonderful archaeological find, with statues, monuments and icons that date back thousands of years.

Mt. Nemrut tours are available from April to end of November. December to march is not possible due weather/snow conditions.
Minimum 2 people required to open departure for this tour.


Istanbul pickup, Flight to Adiyaman
Today you will transfer to Istanbul airport where you will take a flight to Adiyaman airport, where you will be picked up and head to Mount Nemrut to begin your tour.

When you exit the airport you will be taken to begin your tour of the beautiful and hallowed landscape. As you make your way to Mount Nemrut you will visit the Black Bird Burial Mound, known as ‘Karakus Tumulusu’. You will pass the ancient Roman Bridge at Cendere, this Roman bridge was well built and today can still be used. The pair of castles, one old known as Arsemia and the new castle at Kahta.

From these sites, you head to the summit of Mount Nemrut. Here you will explore the ancient ruins that are protected by being made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see the Tomb of King Antiochus with dozens of statues surround his final resting place, reliefs depict history including one of the oldest known images of human shaking hands.

From this high point, you will watch the sunset across the valleys slowly sinking below the horizon.

Once the sun has finally set you will make your way to Adiyaman or Kahta to check-in and stay overnight.


Today you will visit a fantastic destination that is famous in both the Bible and Quran, along with ruins that pre-date the pyramids.

Ataturk Dam
On your way to Sanliurfa City, you will stop by the monumental Ataturk Dam which is on the way, in order to take in the scenic views from this huge site.

Sanliurfa is a beautiful ancient city with traditions and history dating back generations with their stories being told in religious texts. The Sanliurfa pool is told the story of God saving Abraham from a jealous king who attempted to throw Abraham into a large fire pit, however, just as he would have started to burn the fire was turned to water and the burning logs turned to fish. Today you can still see fish living in the pool. Nearby is the cave that Abraham was built, today a museum has been erected around for its preservation, visitors still stream to see the simple life his family lived before God sent him out into the world.

Harran once a prosperous and important city during the era of Mesopotamia with its own history in the Northern part being dated back as far as the 3rd Millennium. As the region passed into the different culture it became a hub for trade routes between the Mediterranean and the Tigris Plains. As time moved on it was a focal point for different battles and wars, which included with being ruled by the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great, the Seleucid Empire, Roman Empire, and the Muslim Arabs. The region saw fighting once again during the Crusades and the Mongol invasions of Syria. Today the modern city is a unique blend of an ancient building nestled and protected among current style buildings. The traditional and unique beehive buildings have been protected for their uniqueness across the world for being as tall in this shape with no extra supports.

Gobekli Tepe is a high hill that has been excavated which revealed deep ruins that date back to different time periods. Only discovered in 1996 it is believed to be a sanctuary as opposed to a settlement, as it was revealed and documented they found the statues, monuments and general building date back ranging between 6,000 and 12,000 years which at the oldest place it 6000 years before the pyramids.

Here you head to your hotel to spend another night in the amazing region.


Today you get free time to enjoy the town at your leisure, take in some more sights or do a little shopping. You will then transfer to the local airport to take a return flight to Istanbul where your tour will end. 

Flight to Istanbul
If you have never visited Istanbul before returning from the Mt Nemrut region, why not take a tour with us of Istanbul and see more of what Turkey has to offer.

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