3 Day Living Pontic Greeks and Roots Tour

  • Living Pontic Greeks And Roots 3 day tour

Living Pontic Greeks And Roots 3 day tour

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The Black Sea region of Turkey is filled with history from different cultures. Enjoy time in the traditional Pontic Village where you can see an ancient culture that descended from the original Greek colony. The region is home to breathtaking views and ancient buildings hidden on mountains and ancient monasteries alongside modern mosques. Visit Trabzon city, Uzungol wonderlands and Ayder region.


Welcome to Trabzon! You will begin your first day exploring the stunning city of Trabzon, local monasteries and viewing breathtaking views.

Trabzon and its surrounding region have played a large part in the history of Turkey. One of the most recent icons of Turkey is Ataturk’s Pavilion, this was a place that was used by the first leader and creator of modern Turkey when visiting the region for both official and personal times. During the time of the Ottoman Empire churches were converted for use by the general populace along with new mosques being opened. While in the city you will visit Yavuz Sultan Mosque, Fatih Mosque, and Iskender Pasa mosque. Just outside of the city there are some ruins which were never converted and still show their original history, Kaymakli Monastery is one of a set of monasteries however this one gained its name by serving the ruling sultan of the Ottoman Empire a meal made of entirely dairy products.

Ayasofya, similar to its sister in Istanbul, began its life as a Byzantine church which was later converted into a mosque. Today it is a museum showing the history of the building and then people show build and controlled it. Trabzon is also famous for being the birthplace of Sultan Suleyman, he was known as the lawgiver in Islamic nations for his unique blend of laws that balance life and religion, he was also known as Suleyman the magnificent due to his work in expanding the Ottoman Empire.

In Trabzon, there are many icons of the past that are still being used today, one of the ones that you will visit is the women’s Bazaar. Here handmade items would have been sold to the local women during times when men would not have been part of this, however, today everyone is welcome to explore this classic marketplace. Being along the Black Sea means the city has a river flowing through it, the Zagnos Pasa bridge is a historic monument which has been carefully maintained to keep the original architecture and style.

Overnight stay in Trabzon.


Today you will explore ancient monasteries and visit a living ancient Greek Village of Pontics in the Pontus region near Trabzon along the Black Sea.

Vazelon Monastery predated the famous Sumela monastery however it was damaged and rebuilt many times as armies came through the region, however, it maintained its followers until it was finally abandoned in 1922 following the population exchange between Turkey and Greece.

In the Black Sea region there are many mountains and mountain ranges, however, these beautiful mountains offer a difficult travel time but the Zigana Pass located in the Pontic mountains made the journey easier. While in the Pontic region you will visit the Gumushane Suleymaniye Mahallesi, a traditional village. The Pontics are descendants from Greek colonies that remained in Turkey after it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. Even to this day they have kept their own heritage, while many speak Turkish, they still speak a form of Greek with its own peculiarities having evolved away from the standard Greek language. The Pontic peoples have kept their traditions alive, including wedding ceremonies, musical instruments and meals. While here you will visit ‘Torul Cam Teras’ and ‘Sutlacin memleketi Hamsikoy’ where you will taste some of the delicious foods.

While in the Pontic area you will take some time to visit the Imera Monastery, predating the famous Sumela monastery it was built over 650 years ago. The ruins are protected by local ruling to allow for its preservation of the unique architecture and beauty.

Overnight in Trabzon

Today you will enjoy time outside of the Trabzon greater area.

The Santa ruins are ancient Pontic ruins that were once part of the greater Pontic town made up of the collection of small villages that can be seen on the slopes. The ruins were once a bustling town during the height of the mining operation, however following its closure many chose to move on with the work and others to different countries both prior and during the population exchange.

Close to Ayder is the region, famous for its Cay or tea. Wander the tea gardens and then head into the factory to see how the process takes fresh green leaves to the tea bags that are commonplace today. Handmade items have been crafted by locals as can be seen in the Surmen knife house, where you will view and learn about different types of blades that are made for a wide variety of jobs with some being for decoration.  

Uzungol is famous not only for its amazing tea but for its beautiful and breathtaking views across the flatlands, one of the most stunning it’s the Sultan Murat flatlands where there are Kilometres of empty land and beautiful setting.

This ends your time in the Black Sea region, you will be taken back to Trabzon airport for further travel.

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