4 Day Living Pontic Greeks and Roots Tour

  • Living Pontic Greeks And Roots 4 Day Tour

Living Pontic Greeks And Roots 4 Day Tour

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The Black Sea region of Turkey. Offers an amazing array of historical and beautiful sights behold. During your time here, you enjoy visiting Asia monuments amazing flatlands and even living cultures from ancient times. The Pontic people offer an amazing look at the ancient Greek colonies That came to Turkey. Amazing castles in on mountaintops with natural deep valleys to enjoy some adrenaline sports.


Welcome to Trabzon!

Today you will begin you your time exploring this region that is filled with beautiful scenery and fascinating history. This region is filled with ruins that date back to the Byzantine-era of Greek history. One of the modern highlights is Ataturk Pavilion, a holiday destination and example of the way Ataturk lived. He was the leader of modern Turkey following the end of the Ottoman Empire.

As different culture brought their religions with them and built churches and monasteries it left them empty and unused after newer cultures grew or took over. The Ottoman Empire renovated these buildings rather than destroy them creating modern mosques. Some of these were later restored back to their former glory and now stand as a museum to the past such as Aya Sofya in Trabzon, the sister building to the one in Istanbul. Some of the ancient structures were left alone due to them still being occupied; Kaymakli Monastery was famous for still having religious followers in them and even hosted a sultan of the Empire, it gained its name by serving meals made from dairy products as was the speciality.

Trabzon, being a Turkish city, has many beautiful mosques to visit with some of the being maintained from ancient times. The larger and more interesting mosques you will visit and learn their history about why they are both more beautiful than others and increasingly famous, these mosques include Fatih Mosque, Iskender Pasa Mosque and the Mother of Yavuz Sultan Mosque. Along with famous mosques, Trabzon drew many sultans to visit the region for its loyalty and beauty, however, one of the most famous sultans was born in the region with his birthplace being a destination of the day. Sultan Suleyman was known as Suleyman the Magnificent in the west and Suleyman the Lawgiver to Islamic nations. He gained these names by growing the Ottoman Empire significantly while also writing new laws that balanced life and religion to allow for people to work and live without religion being a burden, which aided newer non-Islamic countries being brought into the empire.

The city of Trabzon offers a unique city filled with an unusual place to visit. Head to a local bazaar with homemade items and clothing, in the past this was known as the women’s market where local women could come to shop away from men. While exploring the city you will stop over the Zagnos Pasa bridge, a historic icon in the city that was committed by the son-in-law of Sultan Mehmet.

Overnight stay in Trabzon


Today you will enjoy the history of the region with its history and visit the monasteries and learn about the Pontic Village in the mountains.

Vazelon Monastery is a religious centre which is known to predate the famous Sumela Monastery. During its lifespan it was damaged and destroyed many times with those living rebuilding however in 1922 it was finally abandoned due to the extreme reduction in worshippers following the population exchange between Greece and turkey.

As the Trabzon region is filled with mountains, some towering and other linking with others into the distance. Over the year people have followed mountain paths to traverse these heights however one of the famous places to cross is the Zigana Pass, found in the mountains in the Pontus region home to the Greek Pontics. This region is home to descendants of an ancient colony of Greeks that settled in the region prior to the Ottoman Empires rise to power. Today the population has decreased due to families returning to Greece or deciding to move to other countries on the Black Sea during the 1922 Population exchange, this reduction of people was increased during the World Wars due to men going to war. While those who live here today have grown to speak Turkish, they can be found speaking a variation of Greek in their villages and have kept their own culture alive, this has some differences from normal Greek culture as they have kept their ancient tradition alive. While in the villages of the Pontic you will visit a local house to try some of the classic foods and if lucky a local wedding will be happening allowing you to see their unique celebration music and style. These visitations will have in ‘Torul Cam Teras’ and ‘Sultanci Memleketi Hamsikoy’.

While in the Pontic region you will visit a local monastery which has been protected by the locals thanks to its heritage and to safeguard its architectural style. This monastery known as Imera Monastery has been was built by the peoples of the region over years ago.

Overnight in Trabzon.


Today you will travel outside of Trabzon and head to Uzungol and Ayder to see more amazing history and unforgettable landscapes.

During the height of the Pontic culture they build many different villages and towns, some of these stands today empty as a sign of respect for their history. Santa Ruins was once part of villages and now stands in remembrance for the people, the mining work, and history. This part of the Pontic area is a town made up for small villages in a natural setting with their village section being seen on the slopes all around.

Uzungol, famous for its tea is also known for its wonderful beauty. Rows of tea gardens look natural with the backdrop of green mountain trees in the distance with only small factories dotted on the landscape to remind that these fields are man-made. While here you will visit one of these famous tea gardens and learn about the stages that go into getting a green natural leaf ready to make Turkish tea or known as Cay. While factories make the tea other crafts have remained more classic, visit the Surmen knife shop where you will be able to see a selection of blades made by locals for jobs that could include harvesting crops. Cutting trees or preparing meat along with the more decorative blades.

The Ayder region alongside U{zungol is known across Turkish for its breathtaking beauty with natural plateaus and flatlands, these landscapes seem almost unreal as if having stepped into a fairytale with their beauty along with the local people only using what they need and not more.

Overnight in Ayder


Today you will spend more time exploring the landscape while visiting ancient monuments to the past.

Rize castle, located in the southwest of the city Rize, is a medieval era castle built for both living and defence. Built during the height of the Byzantine Empire it was said to have been commissioned by the Emperor Justinian I. Like many castles it is a split style with an inner section that also housed a chapel and the outer defence walls. Today some of the section has been restored to allow future generations to learn about the build while others that were destroyed have become entrance ways and parks for the castle. What makes this build unique is that there is no uniformity to the towers, with some having round or ovals bases and others having Square or rectangle supports. While in Rize you will also visit the traditional Woven wool cloth shop where locals make beautiful items with locally sourced materials.

While today is the last day of the tour you will enjoy some time for fun, heading to wining valley in the mountains you will be able to cross fast running river by zip line allowing you to view it differently while your heart pounds with excitement.

After the adrenaline rush, you will finish the day with a visit to the local flatlands and once again take in the superb beauty in what is known as Turkeys smallest county.

This concluded your tour, you will be returned to Trabzon airport. If you have a further interest in travelling in Turkey, we are ready to aid you.

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