Fethiye Tomato Festival and Nif Cherry Festival

As with many of the other Turkish towns, Fethiye celebrates the harvest of a local produce – in this case, tomatoes. Being a large part of the Turkish diet and export goods, it is no wonder that the humble tomato is being honored by a festival of its own. Held on the second Sunday of May, the festival is celebrated by the picking of ripened tomatoes, followed by a customary family dinner. Visitors can witness the plucking of the fruit, followed by a meal in one of the hospitable Turks’ houses, or at a restaurant nearby.

Fethiye Tomato Festival in Fethiye is truly is wonder to experience, as with all other parts of Turkey. With beautiful scenery and equally wonderful people, the town sure has much to offer. İt is deeply rooted in the farming traditions of region in Fethiye, there are various harvest-type festivals throughout the year.
All towns in Fethiye, celebrates the tomato - a key ingredient of Turkish cuisine and of the Mediterranean diet in general - with a festival held on the second Sunday in May.
The nearby mountain village of Nif, also known as Arpacik, is renowned for the sweetness, size and juiciness of its cherries, and honours its crop with a festival in late June.




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