Tourism Become Very popular in Turkey

Turkey has seen consistent increases in visitor numbers over the past decade, as travellers realise there is a great deal more to see outside of the wonders of Istanbul. In fact Turkey is one of the world’s top destinations for congresses, conferences and fairs with many hotels across the country having convention facilities and with purpose-built convention centres present in the major cities of Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir. Cultural tourism: Turkey is awash with important sites and significant relics from its long and varied history encompassing many cultures. Many of these have been woven into new initiatives, such as Abraham’s Path in the south-east of Turkey whereby travellers can trek while discovering the cultural riches of the Sanliurfa area.

Ecotourism: Again there are new projects where travellers can enjoy an ‘authentic’ experience while respecting the environment and supporting local people. The ‘honey trail’ or Balyolu is one such undertaking in which visitors enjoy the countryside of the Kars region while tasting local honey produced by women entrepreneurs along the way. Health tourism: Turkey has an astonishing number of natural, thermal spas around the country ranking first for this natural resource in Europe. Consequently tourism facilities have taken advantage of these by building establishments nearby and offering treatments using and inspired by these natural springs and thermals. Many of these establishments also offer a traditional Turkish bath experience as well as health and beauty treatments from around the world. Winter tourism: Turkey has many great locations for enjoying a revitalising break in the winter months. With 60 per cent of the country surrounded by majestic mountains as a continuation of the Himalayan Alps, and more than a hundred peaks at over 3,000 metres, there is plenty on offer for winter adventure, with altitudes on a par with the Alps. Most of Turkey’s ski resorts are nestled within forested mountains, providing a stunning setting and breathtaking views for a winter holiday – as well as all the delights of good accommodation, delicious Turkish cuisine, entertainment facilities and great value. Lesser-known regions of Turkey: Many visitors to Turkey focus on the coastal resorts and/or Istanbul but there’s so much to be appreciated and enjoyed elsewhere in the country, including the Eastern, Anatolian and Black Sea regions.




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