All Turkey blue voyage sailing yachts are traditionally hand built Turkish wooden gulets. We own or run number of yachts from 21 meters long to 39 meters long, ranging from low budget to luxury. A crewed yacht charter, is the hire of a complete yacht, with captain and crew for a specific period of time (usually 4 days, 1 week, or longer).

This is the perfect option for groups traveling together to celebrate a big event, or even just to enjoy an annual family holiday. We also can organize the remainder of your holiday, including airport transfers, accommodation before and after your cruise, Turkey tours, ferry tickets to Greece, etc. Allow Turkey Travel Services Company to plan your holiday and make it as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for your entire group.

Private Yacht chartering
The route of the cruise is subject to agreement between the contracting parties, as are the ports for boarding and disembarking. The charter fee does not include the cost of food, but does include its preparation and service. You may provide the provisions, or save your energy on a hot day and we can organize all provisions with the normal full board fee.

Standard Gulets
Standard Gulets are Great way to explore the islands and coastline of Turkey. They are very homely and popular because are low budget. Generally all Cabins has private bathroom shower, enough space for your suitcases or backpacks, however hotel or cruise comfort shouldn't be expected as cabins are more limited size but enough size in general.

Standard Air Conditioned Gulets
More equipped and spacious compare to Standard Gulets.Depending on Gulet chosen, AC usage is limited with usually 5-6 hours after dinner.

Luxury Yachts
Luxury Yachts in general are very spacious and comfortable. Great conditions and well equipped such as full sails, full kitchen equipments, few lounge areas etc...

Our Crew

Usually 3 crew members; 1 captain, 1 cook and 1 skipper, but on larger yachts we may have 4 crew.

About Meals
Daily Private Yacht/Gulet rates are doesn't included meals. Here are options:

• Option a: We’ll take you shopping before you board the boat & you can buy your own supplies. If you choose this option our chef can take also help with shopping, our chef / crew’s service and usage of all kitchen gadgets is included.

• Option b: Meals can be included for 20 TLo per person/day (Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea time, dinner). Option to have luxury menu is 30 TLo per person/day.

More about meals...

Passengers may bring snacks, such as fruit, nuts, muesli, yogurt and chocolate, (not sold onboard).

How To Plan 
Let us know the number of your group and the dates that you would like to start your blue cruise; than choose or design your blue cruise route with our operators help. We’ll provide the basics of your voyage program and then you are free to settle the rest of the details with the Captain during the cruise. 
Chill out full time? Party the whole week? Only sightseeing & swimming? Or optional activities from diving to Paragliding? You name it!

Booking Processing
1. Decide which Gulet and Route you would prefer
2. Contact us to check and confirm availability.
3. After agreed we will email you the final processing including options for Deposit Payment etc...